Kathleen Hanna

Glad to see someone actually did a documentary on Kathleen Hanna. Known for her work with the group Bikini Kill, and the whole Riot Grrl movement, I was first turned on to Hanna by way of Carla DeSantis’ publication ROCKRGRLback in the mid 1990s, a magazine which focused on female musicians. (A magazine that I still miss to this day.) I never thought Hanna’s work was completely appreciated. Oh yeah, she’s got her fans and all that, but it always seemed to me that when I wanted to find out what was going on with her, I had to kinda dig for it, ya know? Anyway, with this documentary, maybe she can get some more deserved attention, is what I’m thinking.

READ SOURCE (Laina Dawes/Bitch Media piece)

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