armistice suicide

It’s mid spring 1975, and twenty-two year old Dice is in the process of avenging his brother’s murder. Then his landlord tells him he has thirty days to move out of his place, because he will be renovating it, and doubling the rent. Now he feels he needs to get more money and lots of it. With the help of his friend Spike, they both embark on a career in and around the housing projects they grew up in, which they feel is bounty hunting. It is really a career of murdering for hire. They feel they’re ridding the Earth of people who deserve it. Eventually, they will be biting off more than they can chew.

“Overall, this novel moves at a steady beat courtesy of Stancell's slang-laden dialogue and frenzied banter. A brisk, enthralling, but intensely violent urban tale..."

--Kirkus Reviews